A Topical Overview Of Major Issues In Acupuncture Alicante


It feels effortless, like I’m being propelled by something other than myself. Everything is weightless and drama-free. Only, I’m not really flying. I’m actually face-down on an acupuncture table, with needles stuck in pressure points along my body, in the midst of a truly blissful nap. I’ve been coming to acupuncture for more than a year now to help manage neck and back pain, and I zonk out like this almost every time. After my first few sessions, I wondered if I was somehow missing out on part of the experience (or ticking off my acupuncturist) by drifting off. But now? I’m hooked on the ZZZs, and apparently I’m not alone. Here’s why epic naps are the best-kept secret among acupuncture enthusiasts. Snoozing with needles in your body sounds counterintuitive, but according to Eva Zeller, a licensed acupuncturist who co-runs the Philadelphia-based Acupuncture Off Broad , it’s actually a common side effect of the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice. Why?

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